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Release Date: Aloha Ke Akua – Divine (Official Music Video) January 20, 2016 17:38

Aloha bredren!  So excited to announce the release of my second music video today! The Official Music Video for Divine, the third track on Trinity EP has just been released on Mahalo Ke Akua's YouTube channel!  Please check it out and spread the aloha!

Director & Editor: Philip Cruz 
Executive Producer: Mahalo Ke Akua #MahaloKeAkuaBrand
Music Producer: Wendell Ching, Studio One Hawaii 
Singer & Songwriter: Aloha Ke Akua 
Session Musicians: Jorell Nacapuy a.k.a Jay Keyz & Corrick Watson
Mural Artist: Kamea Hadar 
Mural Location: ABC Stores 
Special Thanks to:
Neil Ishida & NHC INc. MNS, Ltd ABC Stores
Skaters (in order of appearance): Carlos Rivera-Carano & Nick Cherland
Surfer: Keali'i Punley



Release Date: Aloha Ke Akua – Mahalo for Hawaii Nei (Official Music Video) November 3, 2015 20:05

Mahalo Ke Akua!  I cannot think of a more appropriate day to shout the phrase, because today is the release day of my first music video, Mahalo for Hawaii Nei, the first track on my debut album, Trinity EP.

This release also marks the launch of Mahalo Ke Akua's YouTube Channel - don't forget to subscribe, because another music is on the way, for Divine, the third track on Trinity EP.

These music videos are especially significant to me because my "Unko Phil" (L.A. based director) flew in to Honolulu from Los Angeles just to direct them.  He also served as my reminder of the purpose I wrote the songs on this album... I was so close to cancelling the shoot because tropical storms that had been drenching Oahu for weeks didn't seem to be letting up, but Unko Phil reminded me, "You wrote the song in honor of Him, so I trust Akua will give us what we need to film all the right moments", and indeed Jah provided!  Even though torrential downpour still swept through the island throughout our shoot days, Akua blessed us with sunshine in all the right places at all the right times.  This reminded me of the 2nd verse of the song, which describes a humble struggle that is necessary in order to appreciate the beauty of God's plan and reward.  It truly was a test of endurance, that reminded me to stay steady in faith and belief that God will always provide, if we stay rooted in His purpose.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the video, don't forget to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - we're all ohana, bredren!




Official Release Date of Trinity EP by Aloha Ke Akua August 10, 2015 09:00

Aloha bredren, it's finally here!  Today is the Official Release Date of my debut album, Trinity EP featuring the tracks Mahalo for Hawaii Nei, The Sun and Divine.  Get it NOW on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon mp3 and anywhere you buy digital music.


To celebrate the Trinity EP release, which features Mahalo Ke Akua’s brand theme song Mahalo for Hawaii Nei, Mahalo Ke Akua Brand is having their biggest sale yet!  Use promo code ALOHAKEAKUA to get 35% off August 10 through August 31.

#MahaloKeAkua and many mahalos to all the early supporters, let's spread dat fiya!  After you buy Trinity EP, please request your favorite song on your favorite radio stations!

KAIM 95.5 The Fish

KAPA 100.3 FM


KDDB 1027 Da Bomb

KDNN Island 98.5

KFMN 96.9 FM

KIKI Hot 93.9

KINE Hawaiian 105

KJMD Da Jam 98.3


KKOL 107.9 FM

KPHW Power 104.3


KQMQ Da Paina 93.1 FM

KSSK 92.3 FM

KUCD Star 101.9

Aloha from Aloha Ke Akua June 5, 2015 17:26

Mahalo for visiting the official Aloha Ke Akua Blog, and if you’ve been following on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter over the past few months as one of my earliest supporters, a very special mahalo piha!

If you’ve been following for a while, you’d know that my debut album, Trinity EP was originally planned to be released on May 31 2015 (Trinity Sunday).  Due to circumstances out of my control, the release date has been delayed, but will definitely be announced soon, so keep watching out for announcements!

Trinity EP is executively produced by Mahalo Ke Akua Brand, as the first track on the album, “Mahalo for Hawaii Nei” will be the official theme song of the apparel brand.  Because my music is aligned with their mission, my artist name and logo are also very closely aligned – watch out for my next blog post which will explain the design of the Aloha Ke Akua logo.

Aloha nui! #AlohaKeAkua