About Mahalo Ke Akua

What We Do

Launched in May 2014, we are an apparel brand company inspired by Faith, Aloha, Reggae, Surf & Skate that contributes a portion of our profits to charitable causes.  As of 2015, we have also taken on an additional venture, managing Aloha Ke Akua.

The Logo

Mahalo Ke Akua” means “Thanks be to God” in Hawaiian. The brand is inspired by our gratitude to Jah for the aloha spirit of Hawaiian culture, beauty of the land and sea, and island reggae music – the encouragement of unity through social consciousness and love.  

The logo design was hand-crafted in calligraphy to emulate Polynesian tribal tattoos, and was done intentionally as an ambigram (“Ke Akua” is the flipped image of “Mahalo”) to signify that Jah is present everywhere and in everything.

Our Mission

Our charism is rooted in Christian values; however, we aim to touch people of all faiths and backgrounds, even those that don’t associate themselves with a religion – because we believe the ideals of gratitude, humility and love should be principles of humanity.  

We are motivated by Faith, we are filled with eternal Hope, and are advocates of Charity – therefore we are committed to donating a share of our profits to charitable organizations/social justice causes.  

We hope to work with individuals, organizations, other musicians and artists who share our charism.  Please contact us if you’d like us to partner with you for an apparel collaboration, charitable cause or other event that brings people together.  

We support the positive vibes movement and want to spread island music, so that everyone may be filled with joy and in turn bring aloha into the hearts of other brothers and sisters throughout the world.  

We pray that we, along with other businesses, musicians, artists
and all those who have been blessed with the gift of creating beauty,
may have open minds and hearts to the divine voice within,
so that together, we may do our part in the transfiguration of the world. 


We invite you to visit our Blog regularly for more information "Behind the Brand", detailing the inspiration behind our charism, the 5 Pillars of #MahaloKeAkuaBrand (Faith, Aloha, Reggae, Surf & Skate), and the people and events that influence our faith journey and formation.