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May-August 2014 CARE International Defending Dignity.  Fighting Poverty. 

August 2014 Aloha Toronto SUP Camp for Autism inspired by Surfers Healing

September 2014 First Book Access to New Books for Children in Need

October/November 2014 Action Against Hunger International Providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger

We contribute ongoing support to CARE International & International Relief Efforts as they occur



Natural Vibrations 

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J Boog   & The Hot Rain Band 

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Mahalo Ke Akua Brand Team

Erica Brandes - California Street Team

Our California presence would not be possible without our San Diego sistah Erica.  From surfing off tears in Carlsbad, to "Meet Me at Moonlight" bodyboarding and surf meetups and all the fish tacos in between (#thestruggleisreal) we think every visit has been a little step towards the inspiration behind Mahalo Ke Akua Brand.  Not only has Erica been a great friend over the years, but she is now a very valuable member of the Mahalo Ke Akua Brand team, and we are so appreciative of everything she does for us.  We hope one day we can repay her beyond fish tacos and future 808 food trips...


Luzvi Deogracias - Toronto Street Team 

Lu is an integral part of our operations, as our cross-border presence is largely due to all her hard work and commitment to the brand.  She's such an incredible supporter in so many ways (both professional and personal), and we cannot thank her enough for the consideration and care she puts into everything she does for Mahalo Ke Akua Brand, she believes in this business like it's her own, and for that, we are truly grateful.  No, her last name is not fake, nor do we think it's a coincidence, because we don't believe in coincidences - we believe in Heaven-sent, and Lu is definitely an angel to us.


Makuahine (saved the best for last)

Cannah say enough about "Momma MahaloKeAkua"... the official statement of the brand is "inspired by Faith, Aloha, Reggae, Surf & Skate" but at the root of all this, my Faith and Aloha are inspired by my mother.  She planted the seed of Faith in my heart at a young age and even as I go through faith formation and spiritual companionship, most of my values and understanding of my Faith have been taught by my mom.  

We grew up with very little, yet she always encouraged me to give even more than I had, in everything - emotion, time, resources, money.  To this day, she continues to keep me grounded in humility, reminding me that Mahalo Ke Akua Brand should never be about profit, or recognition, or anything else other than spreading the message of praise to God and giving back to those less fortunate, for we were in that position once, and we must pay it forward in gratitude for the blessings we've received.  

Mahalo nui loa Makuahine, for all your aloha, support, and the inspiration you fill me with every day!