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About the Aloha Ke Akua Logo June 5, 2015 18:17

I am managed by Executive Producer Mahalo Ke Akua, so they designed the Aloha Ke Akua logo using the lettering from the Mahalo Ke Akua Brand logo.

Mahalo Ke Akua's logo is an ambigram (“Ke Akua” is the flipped image of “Mahalo”), so they wanted to make sure the Aloha Ke Akua logo had significance upside down as well.

Aloha Ke Akua means "God is Love" in Hawaiian.  Upside down, the Aloha Ke Akua logo spells "e ake", which means "to yearn" in Hawaiian. This communicates my belief that there is deep yearning for aloha in this world, a world that is so desperately in need of love.

Mahalo Ke Akua's main mission is to contribute to charitable & social justice causes, so I am proud to bear the mark of aloha (love) in connection with the answer to a call of need.

Together, we strive to spread aloha to those who most yearn for it. #AlohaKeAkua


Aloha from Aloha Ke Akua June 5, 2015 17:26

Mahalo for visiting the official Aloha Ke Akua Blog, and if you’ve been following on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter over the past few months as one of my earliest supporters, a very special mahalo piha!

If you’ve been following for a while, you’d know that my debut album, Trinity EP was originally planned to be released on May 31 2015 (Trinity Sunday).  Due to circumstances out of my control, the release date has been delayed, but will definitely be announced soon, so keep watching out for announcements!

Trinity EP is executively produced by Mahalo Ke Akua Brand, as the first track on the album, “Mahalo for Hawaii Nei” will be the official theme song of the apparel brand.  Because my music is aligned with their mission, my artist name and logo are also very closely aligned – watch out for my next blog post which will explain the design of the Aloha Ke Akua logo.

Aloha nui! #AlohaKeAkua